• Serving Time: 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
    • Arrive at the Site:
      • Morning Volunteers: 8:45-9:00 a.m.
      • Afternoon Volunteers: 11:45 a.m.-Noon
  • Lunch for Volunteers:
    • Time: Noon-1:00 p.m.
    • Location: On site.
  • Work Site Address: This information will be provided to assigned volunteers.

Why are we serving here?

One of the ways ForColumbia strives to love and serve our neighbors is by serving those non-profit organizations who are actively working every day in the lives of people in Columbia. Great Circle provides a wide range of behavioral health services for children and families, here in mid-Missouri and across the state.

For older kids (16-21 years) aging out of the foster care system, Great Circle also maintains two transitional homes. These transitional group homes are designed to provide a safe, healthy environment for youth to work toward self-sufficiency and increasing autonomy, preparing them with the life skills they will need to thrive as independent adults. We are sending volunteers to two homes that serve as transition homes to help care for the outside of these properties. When we give our time in this way, we send the message to these kids that they are valued and seen. This is why we believe your day will be well-spent serving at Great Circle.

What can I expect?

ForColumbia volunteers will be working outside at two side-by-side transitional homes:

  • creating some landscaping beds, planting and mulching these beds;
  • cleaning up trash and yard debris from the two properties;
  • creating a walking path between the homes (currently a muddy walkway);
  • spreading gravel for extra parking space;
  • building a gazebo-type structure at the back of one of the homes;
  • other outdoor projects as identified.
Don't forget to wear your #ForColumbia2020 T-shirt!
Don’t forget to wear your #ForColumbia2020 T-shirt!

What should I bring?

  • We encourage all volunteers to wear close-toed shoes.
  • If you have small garden hand tools or rakes, feel free to bring them, as well as work gloves.
  • Be prepared for a sunny day by bringing sunscreen and/or a hat.
  • Be sure to wear your #ForColumbia2020 T-shirt!

Can I serve here with my children?

Because of this location’s proximity to a busy street, we ask that children younger than middle school not be brought to this work site.