On Hold

Updated April 29, 2020: Though COVID-19 and our community’s stay-at-home order has slowed our efforts down, we plan to complete the work at a few of the non-profit locations, like Wilkes Boulevard United Methodist Church, home to Loaves and Fishes and Turning Point, a day center for the homeless community. We made this decision primarily because without volunteer help, this organization will not be able to complete the needed work in other ways. This work will begin to be scheduled once the City of Columbia, Boone County and/or the state of Missouri indicate it is safe to do so.

We are anticipating this work will begin in June 2020.

  • Serving Time: 9:00 a.m to 1:00 p.m.
    • Arrive at the Site: 8:45-9:00 a.m.
  • Lunch for Volunteers:
    • Time: Noon to 1:00 p.m.
    • Location: TBD.

Why are we serving here?

One of the ways ForColumbia strives to love and serve our neighbors is by serving those non-profit organizations that are actively working every day in the lives of people in Columbia. Wilkes Boulevard UMC is home to more than one non-profit effort; both Turning Point and Loaves and Fishes work out of this church’s property. Turning Point and Loaves and Fishes both focus on the needs of the homeless population in our city, providing meals nightly as well as other practical services such as laundry facilities and the ability to shower, in addition to other support and advocacy services. When we give our time for the benefit of people in our community who are marginalized, we send the message that they are valuable.

What can I expect?

ForColumbia volunteers will be working inside Wilkes Boulevard UMC to deep-clean the kitchen and eating area for Loaves and Fishes, and to also make minor repairs and take care of other cleaning needs for Turning Point.

Don't forget to wear your #ForColumbia2020 T-shirt!
Don’t forget to wear your #ForColumbia2020 T-shirt!

What should I bring?

  • We encourage all volunteers to wear close-toed shoes.
  • Be sure to wear your #ForColumbia2019 T-shirt!

Can I serve here with my children?

Yes, we encourage families to bring older children who can assist in the listed projects.