Strategic Partners are organizations willing to work alongside ForColumbia to forward our mission, namely to bring Christians together to share God’s love by serving our community, side by side. Some organizations partner with us to identify individuals in our city who could most use the help of our volunteers. Others donate their time, talent and/or goods toward making it possible for us to love and serve our city. To these organizations and companies, we simply say “Thank you.” We could not do everything we are doing without their willingness to help.

Boone County Lumber Company Boone County Lumber is a family-owned business that has been serving Columbia and mid-Missouri since 1965. Now run by the second generation of the Eiffert family, this company has always seen relationships – with customers as well as employees – as key to its success. It should come as no surprise, then, that BCL is partnering significantly this year with ForColumbia as we continue to build relationships in our city. BCL is not only providing discounted material and free delivery to each work site, but are also offering their expertise in construction as we assess different volunteer opportunities. We’re grateful and excited to add BCL to the list of partnering organizations to make 2018 a successful serving event!
City of Columbia-Office of Neighborhood Services City of Columbia-Office of Neighborhood Services: Last year, the City of Columbia helped us identify areas in our city where our volunteers might have the greatest impact. The city donated supplies, mulch and other items to help us serve Columbia. This year, we are working together again to love and serve our neighbors.
Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture: CCUA is a non-profit organization working in many ways in our community to enhance health by connecting people to agriculture and the land through hands-on learning opportunities from seed to plate. CCUA supports and encourages individuals – often lower-income residents – through educational programs including Opportunity Gardens, Outdoor Classroom Program and Urban Farm Experiences. ForColumbia is grateful to be able to partner with CCUA to work within Columbia’s public housing neighborhoods and develop more gardening opportunities for our city’s residents.
Columbia Housing Authority Columbia Housing Authority: The Columbia Housing Authority provides low-income housing for many in our city, and ForColumbia is partnering with CHA once again in 2018 to expand our focus on serving our neighbors directly. We are currently working alongside CHA to identify projects in many of the housing developments they manage.
The Columbia Missourian Founded as a teaching lab for University of Missouri students, the Columbia Missourian has been serving our community since 1908. It regularly beats out the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Kansas City Star and Columbia Tribune for state journalism awards. The ForColumbia team is grateful to the Missourian for donating advertising space to help spread the word about this year’s event and its mission.
Columbia Police Department Community Outreach Unit Columbia Police Department Community Outreach Unit: The Community Outreach Unit of our city’s police department works diligently to build relationships with residents in three specific neighborhoods of Columbia chosen by the city for additional resources. These officers work year-round to build relationship with residents in these areas and to strengthen community partnerships. ForColumbia is privileged to work alongside this CPD unit to identify individuals and neighborhoods that would benefit from our efforts.
Delta Systems Group Delta Systems Group: Headquartered right here in Columbia, Delta Systems is an award-winning computer consulting company offering in-house web application development, web design and computer network support talent. The ForColumbia exec team is thankful for the assistance and support we have received in building and maintaining both and its affiliated sign-up system, DoGooder.
The Family Access Center of Excellence of Boone County The Family Access Center of Excellence of Boone County: FACE aims to improve access to high-quality social, emotional, and behavioral health services for children and teens (ages 0-19) and their families who live in Boone County. ForColumbia is excited to team up with FACE for the first time in 2018 to identify families in Boone County who could benefit from the kind of help ForColumbia volunteers can provide.
Giving Gardens Giving Gardens: Giving Gardens is a CMSE-started non-profit that provides meaningful work for people with disabilities. The service-oriented landscaping and garden experts at Giving Gardens have provided invaluable guidance the last two years as we choose plants for serving sites, and are continuing our partnership in 2018 by providing discounted plants, pots and other necessities for the work being done. We are delighted to partner with Giving Gardens as we both work to make Columbia a better place to live.
Johnston Paint and Decorating Johnston Paint and Decorating is a locally-owned business that has been serving Columbia since 1925. Their website emphasizes their commitment to our community and we are delighted to announce that they are truly a company that lives it out. As an outgrowth of their commitment to our city, Johnston Paint reached out to us and has proactively joined the 2018 effort. Johnston will be partnering in a significant way this year by donating paint and providing discounted products for our serving sites. This level of support by Johnston and other local businesses continues to stretch our funds such that we can do more work and serve more people in our city. We are delighted to add Johnston to ForColumbia’s Strategic Partners!
Love INC Love INC: Love INC works in Columbia to mobilize local churches to transform lives and communities in the name of Christ; they do this by developing relationships with individuals in need and making connections between those individuals and churches, along with other local community resources. ForColumbia has partnered with this organization since 2015, and we are pleased to continue our efforts to identify individuals in our city to serve.
Meals on Wheels of Columbia Meals on Wheels: Meals on Wheels of Columbia is a non-profit organization that aims to extend independence to seniors in our community by providing meals to those with limited mobility, on a sliding-fee scale based on the federal poverty level. ForColumbia is partnering with this organization for the second year in 2018 as a way of identifying seniors who still live on their own but may struggle to maintain their homes due to physical and financial limitations. We look forward to loving and serving our elderly neighbors by bringing to their doors not just practical help but offering what may be their only point of social interaction for the day.
Services for Independent Living Services for Independent Living: This non-profit organization works to empower disabled individuals in our community to maximize their independence. ForColumbia is pleased to partner with SIL, once again, as they identify individuals in our city who are living on their own and would be greatly helped by having volunteers assist them in various ways.
United Way United Way: ForColumbia is delighted to partner once again with Heart of Missouri United Way, an organization with a long history of supporting non-profit organizations in our community. This year, we hope to increase the number of ways in which United Way and ForColumbia work together to identify serving opportunities in and around our city.
Westlake Ace Hardware Westlake Ace Hardware: As always, ForColumbia is planning to work at dozens of work sites painting, planting, cleaning and building projects. For the work we’re planning, we need a lot of dirt and mulch, paint brushes and paint. That’s why we are so very thankful to Westlake Ace Hardware for their ongoing support. Since 2016, Westlake has partnered with ForColumbia by providing discounted materials for the many, many projects our volunteers will be completing. Their partnership makes it possible for us stretch our resources a little further and do a little more to love and serve our city.